Rotational molding machines for plastic materials

The first hybrid machine for rotational moulding

The time has come for a change, Rotoplastic thanks to our technical and innovative strength presents the world's first working electric-gas hybrid rotational molding machine! contact us for more information!


Rotational molding machines

Construction of rotational moulding machines for plastic hollow bodies for the production of tanks, waste containers, glass bells, road partitions, containers for underground fluids, mobile toilets, naval buoys, life jackets, houses and slides for public gardens , vases, toys ...


Cold powder pigmentation mixer

Automatic temperature control system, adaptive blade speed for always perfect cold mixing, our flat lid opening system makes operations simple and safe. Automated dust discharge system.


Determination, together with the customer, of the right production parameters to reduce gas consumption, reduce the times of each cycle, improve the quality of the product obtained.

Mold supply

Supply of aluminum or steel sheet molds for the production of any item, Rotoplastic allows customers to test the molds directly on our internal test machine, preserving the Know-How.


Remote assistance for the machines sold. Support from ASEM leader in the supply of Panel PCs for industry and automation.

High quality mechanical assistance thanks to our highly specialized staff.

Service accessories

Mobile platforms, with mobility on 4 axes entirely controlled by the machine software. Lifting hoists.

Automated gravimetric powder loading systems and weight management integrated directly into the machine.