When we were born, we all had, like today, a common goal: to make Rotoplastic the beacon of innovation for rotational molding machines. In Italy, in Europe and throughout the world. A goal that could not and cannot be ours alone, but that we share with our customers, actors participating in this ambitious path. The objectives that a company sets itself can only be achieved thanks to motivated people, whatever the role. For this we have created a team able to contribute, with ideas and experiences, to achieve this success. In the last two years, the workforce has more than tripled and is organized so that the teams work in an integrated way, to achieve the set goals. Research and Development. The primary core from which all Made in Rotoplastic solutions are born, made up of specialists with an innate curiosity in the search for innovation, to apply it in the solutions they develop. Software design. Because Rotoplastic solutions are not only mechanical, but the result of a mix that also integrates electronics and information technology, governed by the software applications developed internally by this team. Technical office, where people transform R&D ideas into reality. A team that deals with producing, installing and maintaining the systems, always ensuring a timely and high-profile service. Commercial. A strategic team for Rotoplastic, it must be able to listen carefully to customer requests, because it represents the link between the market and the company. Marketing. This team is responsible for the activities to generate notoriety and communicate Rotoplastic's solutions to the market. Today Rotoplastic is a young company, made up of professionals with a long experience in the production of rotational molding machines and in technical assistance. The typical enthusiasm of new companies joins the concreteness of those who know the market and its needs well, creating the perfect synthesis that pushes us to innovate products and processes, without stopping in front of well-known solutions that have become "the standard" market. We look forward, always.