Who is Rotoplastic

We were born with the idea of ​​redesigning and renovating rotational molding machines, thanks to the observation of existing plants, the analysis of their functionality and designing the improvements and refinements that today characterize Rotoplastic solutions. Our mission is to lead the production of rotational molding machines from the mechanical market to the development of complex systems, in which electronics, software and engineering interact to optimize production processes, simplify the use of the systems and allow assistance. remotely more and more effective. In redesigning the machines, we aimed to make them so that they provide some key benefits to our customers: Optimize production processes to simplify the use, management and maintenance of machinery, reducing costs and time. Reduce energy consumption, using new technologies and new processing systems to reduce operating costs, increase the profitability of the plant. Abate polluting emissions and, therefore, reduce the environmental impact. An aspect of double value for the company that uses Rotoplastic rotational molding machines: social and economic.

Increase the level of system automation, implementing Industry 4.0 processes and connections, to improve production times by optimizing human intervention in management and decision-making processes. Increase the reliability and strength of the machines, selecting the best components and designing the system accurately, to reduce customer management costs and increase the productive life of production lines. To Research and Development, Rotoplastic adds a technical service, in presence and remote, to ensure its customers all the necessary support starting from the feasibility analysis, strategic for ad hoc projects developed tailored to the production needs required, to installation. , training, up to maintenance and after-sales assistance.

Rotoplastic doesn't want to be a simple supplier, but a true partner in the development and implementation of its customers' systems, only in this way is it possible to give the best and create solutions that achieve the objectives of maximum efficiency and productivity at controlled costs.

At Rotoplastic we design and assemble the solutions we develop. We have chosen not to outsource these phases because we want to control all the steps of the work; to promptly detect any unforeseen critical issues and immediately study the best solutions to solve them. For us, Made in Italy is much more than a label on a product. It is a strategic choice and is deeply rooted in our thinking, to the point that there is no difference, for us, between Made in Italy and Made in Rotoplastic.

Rotoplastic is a company that was born in Italy with an international, European corporate breath. Our strength is technical, mechanical, electronic design and software development. A typically Italian know-how that makes use of a network of unique and quality partners, at European level, capable of contributing to the creation of unique and valuable systems and solutions for rotational molding. The savings obtainable with the choice of second quality components and assemblies is not at all taken into consideration. At Rotoplastic, we aim for the excellence of rotational molding and we pursue this goal in every department, in every operational process, in every single component used in our machinery and in selecting the partners with whom to collaborate and share this principle.